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Welcome to the Peptoid Data Bank, an evolving database of peptoid three-dimensional structures. Use the gallery to browse structures, perform searches, examine a list of peptoid residues, and experiment with our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for advanced chemoinformatic analysis. This project is open-source, and is currently maintained by James Eastwood and Ethan Weisberg in the research group of Kent Kirshenbaum at New York University.


The Peptoid Data Bank

The PeptoidDB serves to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive catalog of experimentally determined, high-resolution, three-dimensional peptoid structures. While currently the number of X-ray crystal and NMR structures is limited, it is our hope that this database will provide researchers with convenient structural information that will allow the database to expand, providing more insight into peptoid conformation.

New Features

The Peptoid Data Bank allows researchers to search for peptoids published by specific authors, containing specific residues, with a certain DOI, topology, or ones solved by one of the two experimental techniques. Additionally, the new Peptoid Data Bank offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used by researchers to access data from the database with their own code or programs.

About the Data

Our focus is on published structures consisting of at least three tertiary amide bonds, linked only by methylene units. Structures consisting only of Proline are omitted, as they are well-represented in other data banks. Listings for X-ray crystal structures link to the data deposited in the Cambridge Structural Database. Listings for NMR structures link to the original publication, where each structure is available as Supporting Information.